Augmented Network Home Directories with PHDs


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We first started using Network Home Directories provided by AD attributes about four years ago, when we started our Mac deployment project. It wasn't really good for us; we had a lot of pinwheeling issues due to lag and general network instability, and it caused a lot of sadness on the part of the end-user. We then were able to switch users en-masse to Portable Home Directories, and that worked a lot better, and we've been using that successfully up until now. However, we found out a few months ago that we would no longer be able to utilize AD attributes to provide PHDs or NHDs, so we had to figure out another option. Enter augmented records.

Augmented records are designed to provide attributes from both Open Directory and Active Directory at the same time, and they were first made available in 10.5. It didn't really work too hot in 10.5 - you couldn't do much else than integrate the iCal attribute for users. 10.6 improved augments quite a bit, and augmenting home directory attributes was finally truly possible. Augmenting records isn't strictly necessary for PHDs with AD users - you could just use the Synchronization URL option, but we like to provide the fallback capability of NHDs in case something goes wrong with syncing, so we developed this process in order to make the whole shebang work.


You'll need three main components in order to do this: a working Open Directory implementation (for MCX management and record augmentation), an external directory source for user accounts (Active Directory is generally the most common for this), and a Mac that is bound to both directories. This specific setup describes a Golden Triangle, and if you need more details about that, an excellent guide is available through Mike Bombich's website, located here. We also assume that you have a working knowledge of Active Directory, Open Directory, and DirectoryServices in general :)



1.) Verify your Active Directory plugin settings. "Force local home directories on startup disk" and "Use UNC Path from Active Directory" must be disabled, as shown in the screenshot below.


2.) Verify that no additional home folder mapping settings are being received from Active Directory. You can see an example of the extra attributes below - if you're receiving both of these attributes, I've written a script located here that will remove the mappings from the AD plugin. The script will have to be executed on both the client and the fileserver, and there's never a guarantee that Apple won't patch out this behavior later on. Caveat emptor.


3.) Now that those attributes are gone (or they never existed in the first place), we can actually start setting up the configuration on the Open Directory server to allow for home folder augments. By default, it only allows the ServicesLocator augment, but we're going to modify that.

a. Go to the Workgroup Manager menu bar item, and select Preferences. Check the "Show All Records tab and Inspector" item as shown in the screenshot below.

b. Click on the little target icon at the top-right of the left pane in Workgroup Manager. From the dropdown box, select the Config option. Then, click on the "augmentconfiguration" item in the pane. You should end up with something like the below:


c. Now we're at the fun stuff. Double-click on the "dsAttrTypeStandard:XMLPlist" attribute to edit it. You'll notice that there's one array in there with a ServicesLocator string already in it. We're going to add two more of our own - copy and paste the two strings below into that array. Make sure you get the indentation lined up with the ServicesLocator string!


You should now have something almost exactly like the below. While you're in there, you should also verify that the Augmented Directory Node Name matches the appearance of the node name on your clients; whether it be /Active Directory/All Domains, or something more specific as shown below.


d. Go ahead and click OK, and then save the record. Your ODM is now set up for augmenting home directories! Don't quit Workgroup Manager; we're going to continue to need it for a little bit.

4.) Now, we have to set up our first augmented user, and augment them with a home directory attribute. Just like the last step, we'll go through this step-by-step so it's simple to follow.

a. Go back to the user records tab in the left pane by clicking on the user icon. Then, pop open the Server menu, and select New Augmented User Records from the list. A little window like the below should pop up - go ahead and type your user's name into the search box and then click on their record once it appears. Finally, hit the Create button.


b. You'll see on the left-hand side pane that the user you just created popped up and has a special little icon on top of the normal user icon - this blue dot denotes an augmented record.


Go ahead and select the user you just created, and click the Inspector tab in the right-hand pane. You'll see a bunch of attributes for this augment; we're going to focus on one that's already there, and one that we're going to add.

c. Let's go ahead and modify the first record attribute now. First, click on the dsAttrTypeStandard:NFSHomeDirectory attribute in the right-hand pane, and click the Edit button. A window much like the one we were working with earlier when we modified the ODM to allow augments pops up, and it should say something like "/var/empty" in the text pane. We're going to change that to our network path. This will be different for everyone, but for us, it's like the below:

/Network/Servers will be in everyone's implementation. This is just the location on the client machine where the server share gets mounted.
aux-aluminum.central.cmich.local is the server DNS name in this case.

/Volumes/PodcastProducer/ is the volume the home directory is located at - since the home directory isn't located on the root volume of the server, we have to explicitly state what volume this is. For many people, it'll just be "/".

/Personal/wiede1t is where my home directory is actually located at, with /Personal/ being the specific folder where all home directories are stored, and /wiede1t/ being my own personal home directory.

Once you're all set editing the attribute and you've verified that it's correct (again, this will be different for everyone, you just have to know the specifics of your setup), click the OK button to save the attribute.

d. Now, we've got to add the extra attribute, so let's click the New Attribute... button in the right-hand pane. Another record editing window will pop up, but we've got a little extra to do this time. First, change the Attribute Name at the top of the window to be "HomeDirectory". This will actually translate to dsAttrTypeStandard:HomeDirectory, if you're curious. Then, you've got to add the network home directory path, as I've done so below:


HomeDirectory attributes have a bit of weird formatting, as you can see above. The part in between the <url></url> tags is actually the network sharepoint path - in our case,
aux-aluminum.central.cmich.local/Personal is where the sharepoint exists. Note that is different from the NFSHomeDirectory attribute - the NFSHomeDirectory attribute was the location on the server itself, whereas HomeDirectory is the location of the published sharepoint.

The <path></path> tags just include any extra pathing that you might need to reach the home directory. Since my home folder is stored at the root of the sharepoint, I don't need anything extra in the <path></path> tags, but some people may.

Once you've got that all set up, cIick OK to save the record. You've successfully created your first augment! When you're doing this in production, you'll probably want to script it, because it's a lot of steps and it needs to happen for each user. Keep Workgroup Manager open for our next steps.

5.) This is only about half the story, though. We've got an augment set up now, but the only thing that's going to let us do is have a network home directory. If that's all you wanted, that's great - you're all set. However, we're trying to get Portable Home Directories, so we've still got a little more to do.

a. We're going to set up the Portable Home Directory only for one user for now - (you can translate it to groups/computer groups/computers later if you wish, in our production environment we apply it to a computer group), so let's go ahead and select the augment record that we created earlier. Then, click on the Preferences button on the top menubar. A bunch of icons should appear in the left-hand pane; select the Mobility icon. Select the "Always" button from the Manage heading, and then check the Create Mobile Account When User Logs Into Network Account checkbox as I have it set below.

mobilityprefsThis sets us up for a basic mobile account. Now, if you'd like, you can go through and set more detailed synchronization options (inclusions/exclusions, FileVault, quotaing), but we're going to skip that. Click the Apply Now button to save the changes.

b. Now, click on the Preferences button on the top menubar again. Then, select the Details tab. There should be some nonsensical stuff in there, but we're going to fix that. Click the + button on the bottom of the pane, and a file selection dialog box should pop up. Navigate the selection dialog box to the path
"Macintosh HD:System:Library:CoreServices:ManagedClient" and click the Add button. You should now see something like the below:

c. Scroll down to Mobile Account & Other Options. You will notice that a little mouse icon is next to it; that denotes a managed preference. Go ahead and double-click it. In the window that pops up, expand the Always item, and click on the Always item to select it. Then, hit the New Key button at the top of the window. A key labelled New Item will appear in the list; click the little dropdown next to it and select Synchronization URL from the list. In the value section, type in your sharepoint's URI followed by its path. Do not put the username in there - instead, put "%@" without the quotes. This is a special value that will insert any username. You should now have something like the below:

As you can see, this is essentially the same path we put in the HomeDirectory attribute from earlier, just without the tags and with a "%@" instead of a username. Click Apply Now to save the changes.

6. Go ahead and try it out! Make sure your client machine is bound to both directories, and then log in as whatever user you're working with. It should login and sync as your AD user!